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The New York Foundling Assistant Vice President - FFT-FC (Bronx | 35 hrs/wk | Fulltime) in Bronx, New York

  • Social Services

  • ASSIS05880


Bronx, NY, USA


Clinical Oversight

  • Weekly program implementation and problem-solving meetings with the clinical supervisors and psychiatrist. Serves as backup for supervisors.
  • Approves referrals and discharges and reviews program implementation and outcomes documentation.
  • Serves as primary liaison with the model developers and their purveyor organizations regarding progress and problems in CSNYC implementation that require conjoint problem solving efforts.
  • Chairs meetings as needed of the model developers and their purveyor organizations, ACS representatives (and representatives of other organizations as needed) to refine the CSNYC model as experiences with enrolled youths and families in NYC illuminate the need for such refinement.

Administrative and Management Oversight

  • Recruits and hires staff for foster care in consultation with the program director and clinical staff, coordinates the training and cross-training of staff with the CSNYC developers and their purveyor organizations, and supports the efforts of clinical supervisors and developers to identify and develop the clinical competencies needed to execute CSNYC
  • Has administrative oversight for direct and indirect reports (e.g., FTC facilitators, KEEP/PTC facilitators, case planners, supervisors, mental health providers, and Program Director).
  • Supports monitors and provides follow up to implementation and outcome evaluation activities.
  • Serves as primary liaison for CSNYC program with NYC stakeholders, including but not limited to ACS, OCFS, and the courts.
  • Partners with the ACS Bureau Directors and community coordinators to facilitate as needed court collaboration in releasing appropriate children to permanency resources.
  • Reports as needed on the basis of the implementation and outcomes data being collected for CSNYC.
  • Receives administrative oversight by the Vice President of Family Foster Care- CSNYC.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design and/or implement community-based program evidence based practice according to fidelity requirements; funder regulations; and in accordance with The Foundling’s Values.
  • Develop and/or implement and monitor program goals with policies and procedures to accomplish goals
  • Develop and/or implement personnel policies and procedures
  • Develop and/or implement program evaluation system to assure focused, cost-effective effort toward client outcomes and program goals. Support Program Director’s role, goals and needs in program monitoring efforts.
  • Ensure necessary administrative support for successful program implementation
  • Provide system to support or directly support coordinated services within agency and with other community providers
  • Facilitate weekly clinical meetings focused on permanency.
  • Collaborate with the program supervisors to use the results of weekly program evaluations to provide constructive feedback and redirection to clinical staff to ensure program success
  • Collaborate with the program supervisors to establish personnel evaluation practices using treatment model adherence data, client outcomes data, and other relevant data (e.g., client feedback, other provider’s feedback)
  • Develop and implement an “MST analytical process” problem-solving system to predict and remove systemic barriers to treatment
  • Report to agency administration, funding sources and referral sources as required regarding program outcomes, cost effectiveness, and overall success
  • Be available supervisors 24/7. Accept role as support to direct care staff for the purpose of retention and removing barriers to therapy.
  • Provide on-call support to program as scheduled.
  • Actively evaluate, assess and remove case management barriers to program elements for supervisors and case planners.


Master's Level Degree or better in Mental Health Counseling or related field.

Master's Level Degree or better in Marriage & Family Therapy or related field.

Master's Level Degree or better in Social Work or related field.

Licenses & Certifications





Posted: November 21, 2020