Independent Living Association Inc. Payroll Bookkeeper in Brooklyn, New York

Posts payroll data and prepares routine reports and/or payments to government and union agencies.
Maintain payroll report integrity and confidentiality.
Package payroll information for storage (including Forms W-4).
Calculate and process special checks, reviews, edits and makes corrections and adjustments as needed.
Ensure the accuracy of all payroll deductions.
Work closely with IT department to ensure availability of time-clock information.
Respond to and resolve payroll-related questions, problems, audit issues, and exceptions.
Solve problems concerning payroll, answers inquiries, and enforces payroll policies.
Assist in development of payroll procedures by recommending improvements or changes for greater efficiency.
Sort and distribute all payroll checks via house and mail.
Entering 3rd Party sick pay on a quarterly basis.
On-site and off-site training for employees, including:
Refresh-training for Existing employees on payroll procedures.
New Employee Orientation for payroll procedures.
Payroll liaison for House Supervisor and Assistant Manager meetings.
Employee update from HR Action forms / Maintenance in ADP
Entering Action forms onto Data Collection Log.
Tax Changes.
Deduction modifications.
Direct Deposit modifications.
Van Driving Incentive Reconciliation:
Ensuring duplicate payments do not take place.
Ensuring that duplicate employees are not compensated for the same trip.
Entering requested payment info into ADP software grid.
Direct deposit reversal.
Provide customer service internal customers.
Assist Auditor payroll inquiries (incl. Payroll reports and W4's).
Ensure Year-end compliance and balance.
Sorting & mailing of W-2 forms for all employees.
Assist in preparing work paper spreadsheet analyses relating to payroll / fringe benefits for end-of-year audit or as otherwise needed.

Must be able to speak English in order to deal directly with various program / other management staff in resolving payroll problems.
Must be able to type input into computer programs necessary for processing payroll.
Must have a degree from an accredited college, preferably in an Accounting, Computer or Business-related major.