Livingston County Workforce Development Mobile Work Crew Supervisor in Geneseo, New York

This is a supervisory position providing guidance and instruction to work crews to perform work for local government and non-profit entities. This position is a first line supervisory position which will participate in the work of the crew, as well as supervising the crew. The incumbent in this position will receive general supervision from the employing department. does related work as required.

Major Skills needed:

1. Provides opportunities for program participants to gain work experience and develop trade skills by performing such tasks as installing drywall, basic carpentry, painting, and other similar tasks.

2. Plans, schedules, organizes, supervises, and participates in a variety of work projects for public and non-profit agencies.

3. Provides opportunities for participants to gain experience and develop skills that lead to employment.

4. Trains and monitors participants regarding safety and work expectations in a classroom and/or on the job.